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Its a great time to be in Montana!!!

IMG_0034 Had a great trip today with Jeff and Robin from North Carolina.  With a lot of the rivers muddy-up lately, we have many lake opportunities to fill your fly fishing itch.  Rodgers lake was a great choice today.  Had a strong Callibaetis hatch come off at noon, and it was the strongest I had ever seen it.  Fish started eating on the surface at about 1 o’clock.  What great day being able to get them on nymphs, streamers and then to top it off with some great dry fly action.  We have been catching some great pike lately as well!!  Lots of energy in Montana with some great weather and some great fishing.  Book your trip today 406-253-8408


Dirk Johnsrud

Author Dirk Johnsrud

Dirk has been guiding since 2005 and looks forward to providing you with exceptional service on the river. His passion for fishing started as a youngster and he finds Montana’s rivers to be home.

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