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Flathead River Fly Fishing

Fishing Report: June 19th, 2015

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Flathead River Fly FishingFlathead River Fly Fishing

You like catching Cutthroat Trout?  I do!!  Had a great day on the Flathead River with Denis catching some nice cutthroat trout. A little windy out there but we managed to put some nice fish in the boat. Caddis, PMD’s, and some stoneflys hatching occurring today.

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Fishing Report: April 5th, 2015

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Fly Tying Efforts!

DSC_0001Great day to tie up some great perch looking patterns for Pike and Bass.  Also a great day to get all of those little things ready for your boat that seems to slip by like (adjusting the boat cover, adding cool stickers, screws that need to be tighten, looking at your boat and wishing you were out fishing, etc…….).  Montana is sure starting to be an exciting place to be.  The Flathead River is looking great and the Sloughs are coming into great shape.  The lowest lakes in the valley are ice free and the ones up in the mountains are slowly shedding the ice as well.  Feed the fish.  406-253-8408

Fishing Report: April 3rd, 2015

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Bass-Bull Trout-Pike “All on the Fly”

DSC_0090Checking out a few fishing spots on the DSC_0094Lower Flathead today.  Chris landed a nice Bass today and we were able to pull a Pike and Bull Trout out as well.  Great day on the water and I feel lucky that we are able to DSC_0098find water with no ice on it.  It’s also nice to cast a fly as well.  Book your trip today.  406-253-8408

Fishing Report: August 22nd, 2014

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THATS A BIG RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0152Darrel stuck a nice rainbow today on a steamer today on the Might Mo.  Kinda weird out there with the weather.  60 degrees and rainy in late August?  Just doesn’t seem right.  Great day to catch a pig on a streamer though. Nymphing great at the dam.  Caught some great fish on hoppers as well.  Johnsrud Outfitter trips also going out on the Flathead.  Take advantage of the summer and get out there. 406-253-8408

Fishing Report: July 22th, 2014

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IMG_0100The Flathead river has cleared and is fishing great.  Stimulators with a Adams dropper will get you into fish.  Didn’t nymph much today and why would you?  Catch those Cutties and Rainbows on drys.  This is the time to be fishing the Flathead with perfect flows and fish that are hungry.  Great and Half day and Full day adventure.  406-253-8408