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THATS A BIG RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0152Darrel stuck a nice rainbow today on a steamer today on the Might Mo.  Kinda weird out there with the weather.  60 degrees and rainy in late August?  Just doesn’t seem right.  Great day to catch a pig on a streamer though. Nymphing great at the dam.  Caught some great fish on hoppers as well.  Johnsrud Outfitter trips also going out on the Flathead.  Take advantage of the summer and get out there. 406-253-8408

Dirk Johnsrud

Author Dirk Johnsrud

Dirk has been guiding since 2005 and looks forward to providing you with exceptional service on the river. His passion for fishing started as a youngster and he finds Montana’s rivers to be home.

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