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Fishing Report: June 14th, 2014

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Perseverance is key!

DSC_0124Had a great day fishing with Tom and Frank.  These guys are from down south and they prefer the weather to be a little nicer than what it was today.  Had plenty of fish in the boat.  Mayflies (Baetis, PMD’s), Caddis, and the worm is a staple.  Micro May’s, Tung Recker, Split Back PMD’s will all work.  Present and set it!  406-253-8408 DSC_0128

Dirk Johnsrud

Author Dirk Johnsrud

Dirk has been guiding since 2005 and looks forward to providing you with exceptional service on the river. His passion for fishing started as a youngster and he finds Montana’s rivers to be home.

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