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Fishing Report

Fishing Report: April 7, 2012

By Fishing Report

Fishing on the “Might Mo”  Midges were active for most of the day.  I Floated Craig to Spite Hill looking for an entertaining afternoon.  Fish were up in the Craig riffle and also in the back water among the Islands.

I had success on a size 14 Lafontaine Buzzball as an indicator fly and and a size 20 cdc hanging midge as a dropper.  Nymphing was productive as well with a zebra midge and rainbow warrior dropper.  As far a streamers-I also had a few takes on a foxee clouser and olive slumbuster.

Overall fishing was pretty good with overcast conditions for most of the day.  Looking forward to the blue wings olives coming off in a week or so! Hopefully.  Can’t wait to see an upright wing.